Snow is forecast for today, tonight, tomorrow and later this week. Four to six inches is expected tonight into tomorrow and we are under a winter weather advisory.

Today in the slow cooker, roast three rabbits and various veggies to feast on this evening.

It’s a good day to sit inside and knit. Mittens are progressing. Yule gifting is happening.

Fun Family

Stick Figure Family at FreeFlashToys.com
Make your Stick Figure Family at FreeFlashToys.com

This is the blessing I give our children each night, followed by the “bubble” and hugs and smooches:

Deep Peace of the quiet Earth to you

Deep Peace of the shining Stars to you

Deep peace of the shades of Night to you

Moon and Stars always giving light to you

It’s a Gaelic blessing and I am not entirely sure where I first got it. I have only seen it one other time in the past few years. I knew that was the blessing I was meant to give them the very first time I read it.


So I have changed the look of this blog. I just use the templates because I am really stupid when it comes to editing the CSS. It fits though, because it’s misty and foggy and cool now. Fall is here. we are planning for Samhain, getting out decor, turning our thoughts to inside things: knitting, needlework, soup making, bread baking, cozying under piles of blankets with piles of children.

I’ll have more as the days come. Blessings to YOU!

Barnyard Projects

Here is the back story:

Rob’s father owns a cabin about 12 miles from our home. He has owned it some 40 years I guess. He built it from the ground up.

Fast forward to recent past:

They are ripping the cabin down. The cabin where my husband spent a great deal of his childhood. The cabin my FIL built. Tearing it down. They are putting in it’s place a new fangled fancy cabin that they have to dig into the hillside to put up.

Kindly, though, his father is letting ROB do the tear down. The tear down includes a 12’x10′ shed that we are going to use for a new chicken coop. The old coop is going to be a tool shed. The rest of the cabin is going to be reconstructed as a barn and the screen porch is going to go onto the South side of our home-we’ll cut in a door from the family room to access it.

Rob brought the 12’x10′ home today and began reassembling it in it’s place in the yard.

Old coop and new coop side by side prior to reassembly

Space leveled

Platform is set and leveled




Three and a half


So that’s the deal for now. I have other stuff to write about, but not just yet. I’ll post photos as things progress. I’ll even try to post photos of the cabin deconstruction. It’s been a time since I posted anything, but I have been busy. The slow down months are here, which means LOTS of knitting, LOTS of soups and breads, LOTS of tea, and a little bit of blogging.

I have missed it.




a couple of photos for showing progression. These photos are also on my flickr and have notes if you’d like to read them 🙂

Blank canvass: the appointed homeschool wall in the diningroom

The Project Plan

Some of the colors

Today’s progress: I ran out of paint. I have to get more tomorrow and finish up the chalkboard portions. I am enjoying this project and the envisioning of the end product. This is going to be fantastic. Just wait until you see my perpetual calendar after the tape comes off tomorrow! I’m excited!!

Four years ago, Rob and I were wed after waiting years and years and longing for each other during all the time apart. Now we share 3 children, a farm, a love and a life like none either of us has ever known except for in past incarnations with each other.

I cherish you, my lover. My best friend and lifetime love. Happy hanfast, happy anniversary. Seems like forever, but in the best way possible. I look forvard to each new adventure, every year that we share.


Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary. Hubby got me this long coveted Turkomen ring:


I love it.

I love him more, though. And he loves me enough to make sure I look bad-friggen-ass when I am dancing ATS.

Tomorrow is also Earth Day.

Love abounds.


sponge brushes
paint trays
painters tape
drop cloths
paper mock up

In the works: chalkboard on the homeschool wall, message center, perpetual calendar and art showcases for the three children.

I’ll be posting the progress in the coming days as it’s quite the extended project.

wish me luck.

Right about 10 inches. Suck.