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Snow is forecast for today, tonight, tomorrow and later this week. Four to six inches is expected tonight into tomorrow and we are under a winter weather advisory.

Today in the slow cooker, roast three rabbits and various veggies to feast on this evening.

It’s a good day to sit inside and knit. Mittens are progressing. Yule gifting is happening.


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Fun Family

Stick Figure Family at FreeFlashToys.com
Make your Stick Figure Family at FreeFlashToys.com

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Blessing and Musing

This is the blessing I give our children each night, followed by the “bubble” and hugs and smooches:

Deep Peace of the quiet Earth to you

Deep Peace of the shining Stars to you

Deep peace of the shades of Night to you

Moon and Stars always giving light to you

It’s a Gaelic blessing and I am not entirely sure where I first got it. I have only seen it one other time in the past few years. I knew that was the blessing I was meant to give them the very first time I read it.


So I have changed the look of this blog. I just use the templates because I am really stupid when it comes to editing the CSS. It fits though, because it’s misty and foggy and cool now. Fall is here. we are planning for Samhain, getting out decor, turning our thoughts to inside things: knitting, needlework, soup making, bread baking, cozying under piles of blankets with piles of children.

I’ll have more as the days come. Blessings to YOU!

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