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watch this first

So I pumped. This is a remarkable feat for me. I managed to pump almost 12 entire ounces of milk from my breasts! YAY ME!

The boy refuses to drink my milk from a bottle.

So as not to let the milk spoil, I put it into not only Zoe’s hot chocolate this morning, but Grace’s and mine as well.

It made a lovely creamy hot chocolate.

“juice, squeezed from a person…”

not exactly, Rachel. But it is tasty like juice. Mine tastes like white chocolate in my opinion. Zoe says that “wahgahwah” tastes like soy milk and orange juice. Rob agrees with the Friends that it tastes like canteloupe juice. Grace says it kind of tastes yummy but she has no opinion about what it tastes like.

So should I pump more, I know my family is going to drink it even if the boy turns his nose up at it out of the bottle. He likes his milk from the source.


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Go check it out….just so this blog doesn’t become a ‘mommy-blog’ (yuck, I hate that term.)


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So we went to the dentist yesterday because Rob needed a cleaning and I was having some pain. Turns out it was my upper right wisdom tooth. My upper left never ever grew in. Dr Craig extracted it, put me on Amoxycillin and Tylenol and sent me right on home. I was fine last night but today…holy man! I hurt and was so tired and queasy and I am not sure what was the baby and what was my mouth. Zoe and I slept quite a bit today. Pregnancy makes me very tired.

I ended up not going to vend at the market today too because I was in pain and so very tired. No matter though because apparently, the problem person who was constructing issues with the market, didn’t show and another was opening their farm to the public today so they couldnt show. I had planned (we stopped by there for this very reason) to talk to everyone briefly about the (cough…non…cough) issues present with the market, but all who were there were already privvy to the ‘problem’ and assured me all was good, especially for a BRAND NEW MARKET. I wont go into all of the details here, mostly because it is stupid and one person is attempting to not only bully me, but bully the other venodrs into thinking the way she does, and it just isn’t working or worth the effort. She is a bitter and mean woman to begin with (no joke, first market day after Grace tried visiting with her a few times and got nasty responses, she told me point blank, “I hate children”. WTF! What kind of person HATES children?) so no amount of talking will do any good. My only hope is that she will just stay away.

I had my first bellyrub today too! My friend, Holly, stopped by just to hug me, congratulate me and rub my belly. It was so sweet. She is another crazy homebirthing mama, and her first baby too! Athena is so chubby and cute…oh my!

We have had comfort foods for the past few nights. Rob pointed out that my subconscious, having done this twice before, knows what makes me feel better…and as cliche as it may be, pickles are one of those things for me. I am a German girl after all. I love vinegar! mmmmm they make me feel so good when I am queasy.  On Thursday, when I am 6 weeks, I will take the first belly photo. I was tempted today, but I want them to be at the start of new weeks,. I’ll be starting week 7 so it’s as good of a time as any. Although, with baby number three it is amazing how soon your tummy starts to pop out, if the bellydance video was any indication.

I’m gonna run. I am tired, yet again, and Zoe needs to nurse and I need snuggle time with Rob.

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I made some windchimes and we plan to make a few more. Grace wants to make some to sell so she has her own money to buy more beads…..uh huh. She said to me, “Mama, can I have an Etsy shop liek you so that I can make my money?” (OY!-but hey! She is learning at a young age to value of doing for yourself!)

soooooo, we have created Forest Faeries at: http://ForestFaeries.etsy.com

It will feature art created from natural, recycled and thrifted materials by children, with children and inspired by children. We are seeking a children’s charity to give a portion of the earnings to (Grace’s idea…WOW!) so if you have any suggestions, please share. The only one I thought of thus far was Heiffer International. That was the greatest gift I was ever given (Thanks a million times more, Sarah,) So I think it would be neat to get involved with it that way…

We already have a few things made that will be put up this week and week-end, then I have to take a break for a bit and get a few other things done. I have a BIG announcement that a few people know about already but I haven’t shared it here yet….

That’s all. Going to bed. It has been a long and busy day. We had a La Leche League meeting today….lots of driving and getting ready after the meeting for St. Patty’s. Picked up the corned beef at the meat market, got the girls their green apparel (for being as much Irish as I am-English, Irish and German mostly-it is surprising how little green I own,) etc.


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but wait till you see what I got. I am off to snooze a bit. I was up at 4-ish this morning. I sold OUT! of my products, so I have to start fresh! YAY! I was getting antsy to make more scrubs and such, but I had enough, so I didn’t, now I get to…..YAY!

 I got a coupld of awesome things AND made a friend who is so much like me it is really creepy….she and her kids are coming with me and the girls to my LLL meeting this week and she is expecting number three. Her husband is just like Rob. they make jewelry AND home and body care products as well. they got a few things from me and I got a few things from them, but wait oh just you wait to see what I got….Oh am I excited!!!! pictures later……

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Okay, since yesterday when I got home from the Market, I have been fuming a bit. But it’s sort of a good thing that an arrogant, norrow-minded prude of a woman pissed me off, because now I understand more importantly the need for our ridiculously “breasts as sex objects” obsessed culture to be normalized to breast FEEEEEEEEEEEDING.

So here is the story:

We were selling at Market yesterday. I was WEARING MY BABY in a mei tai. She got fussy, sleepy and hungry. I turn around, whip out my tit, latch her on and we are in business. I was not showing at all….We got a little busy and as I was fielding questions and making transactions, Zoe got distracted and detatched and there is my np for the world to see….no big thing IMHO, I just latched her back on and went about my business. WEEEEELL, I caught the snide nasty stare of a woman who probably otherwise would have purchased bread or something from our booth. She shook her head and screwed her face all icky and walked away.

So since then I have been all across the internet going back to the breastdfeeding favorites in my favorites files. I want to know where the next lactivation meetings will be…where the next protests will be. I want to go and NURSE IN PUBLIC FOR THE SAKE OF NURSING IN PUBLIC. And I want to do it while wearing one of my feminism t-shirts, and I will pass out cards and I will educate people and they will see that I am FEEEEEEEDING MY CHILD!

Goddam prudes.

So here are 101 reasons to breastfeed your baby:


If you are expecting…see a LLL leader, there is bound to be one in your area…go to www.lalecheleague.org to find out where SHE (Note, I did not say he….how the HELL is a MALE ob/gyn or ped. going to know what the hell it’s like to breastfeed? Has he? notsomuch…) is located and if she holds any meetings. They are always more than happy to help you. If you just had a baby and are having trouble, PLEASE!!! For the sake of your baby, see a LLL leader. EVERY WOMAN CAN BREASTFEED!!! THAT IS WHY WE HAVE BREASTS!!!! That is what they were created for.

If you are currently well into nursing, GOOD FOR YOU MAMA!!!! Stick with it…Zoe and I are 7 and some months into it and loving it….I only wish that with Grace I had had the support system that I do now….perhaps I wouldn’t have given up so easily at 2 1/2 months… 😦

For humor and to get the creative/activism juices flowing visit:


Hilarity, seriousness and truth. Hathor is my hero of the moment.

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Can’t say I would do all of these….

More Ways to Use Breastmilk
By Liz Laing
Issue 133, November/December 2005

  • Acne Treatment and Facial Cleanser Wash face with a mild soap, rinse, and gently pat a breastmilk-saturated ball of cotton (not a synthetic material) over the entire face. This process is great for removing eye makeup as well.
  • Burns and Sunburn Apply breastmilk gingerly to burns and they will dry up and look much better the next day. A burn treated with breastmilk and mashed-up blueberries will dry up within an hour, wrote one mom on a Midwifery Today online forum.1 Elena Michaels, PhD, CCH, LMFT, a traditional naturopath in Santa Clarita, California, told me that she often applied her breastmilk to her kids’ sunburns. The soothing milk would stop the pain immediately,” she said. “I believe the lauric acid found in breastmilk is antiviral, antibacterial, healing to tissue, and contains analgesic properties. Besides human breastmilk, virgin coconut oil is nature’s most abundant source of lauric acid.
  • Chapped Lips Dab a bit of milk onto dry lips, leaving them wet. Apply often, and lips should take only a day or two to heal.
  • Cold Sores and Fever Blisters Place milk directly on a cold sore with a clean finger or cotton ball. This should speed the healing process and also help relieve some of the pain.
  • Cuts, Scrapes, Scratches Clean wound first using breastmilk if you don’t have soap and water. Drip milk onto the wound, then let it air-dry. You can also use a cotton ball or a 4-by-4-inch gauze pad soaked in breastmilk. If the cut is on a baby’s lips or mouth area, allow him or her to nurse. An upset child will be calmed by the gentle, loving act of breastfeeding, and the milk will help heal the wound. I’ll never forget when my 15-month-old daughter was bitten by her grandma’s dog right on her face.” says Nancy Levesque, a former La Leche League leader. “I immediately put her to my breast and nursed her as we were deciding what hospital to take her to. I’m so glad that I was able to comfort her during this traumatic time, and I believe the act of nursing did help to begin to heal her wound.
  • Diaper Rash Gently pat baby’s bottom with breastmilk, being especially generous when applying it to reddened or rash areas. Leave baby’s diaper off for a few minutes and let the bottom air-dry.
  • Ear Infections Place a few drops of breastmilk in the ear; follow with warm (not hot) olive oil and garlic, or bottled garlic mullein oil (sold at natural food stores).
  • Red or Puffy Eyes Place two cotton balls saturated with breastmilk over closed eyes for a few minutes – works better than tea bags or cucumber slices!
  • Insect Bites With a clean finger, dab breastmilk on the bite; this will help stop the itching.
  • Skin Rash/Wounds Apply breastmilk on itchy spots – even chickenpox – for soothing relief. One woman claims that she used her breastmilk to clear up an elderly relative’s leg ulcers. It’s also possible that breastmilk helps heal skin wounds in nursing women themselves.
  • Sore or Cracked Nipples Gently rub milk onto nipples or area of soreness and let air-dry. Another option is to bathe the sore nipple by dipping it into a clean, shallow dish of breastmilk.
  • Sore Throats Baby can benefit by directly nursing.
  • Warts Leave a breastmilk-saturated cotton ball on the wart for a few minutes twice a day. Continue for several days until the wart dries up.

Liz Laing, ACE, is a freelance writer and mother of four beautiful, breastfed children. She has been a stay-at-home mom for the past 12 years and most recently is overcoming the challenges of single motherhood. A certified childbirth educator and doula, Liz lives in Los Angeles, California.



You know, Hathor has a bread recipe using breast milk…..wonder how that would go over at market………..eh….a little too progressive for the masses maybe.

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