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Not an idea new to me, today marks our first Coffee Cauldron at the PR Pantry and Quilter’s Parlour. From 12-2 Pagans, Eclectics, Freethinkers and Lovers of the Earth are gathering for coffee and socialization.

Of course the idea sprang from the Coffee Cauldron in the Twin Cities. I have never been, have always been jealous of those living in the Twin Cities who can attend, and longed for something similar up here.

It’s a great chance to spread boundaries, hone different friendships, and show people that might not agree with Alternative Paths, that we are not showy people, not freaks, not people being different for the sake fo being different, etc.  The joy of going for coffee and fellowship exists outside of church basements.

I am excited and antsy and cannot wait for the next 2 hours to pass. I think I’ll do some cleaning to make it pass a little faster.

After Coffee Cauldron V and Dare coming over. V has an antenatal appointment with me and they are paying Rob for his mechanic services, picking up the vehicle, and staying for pot roast. MMMMM Pot roast. Truth be told, though, I would really like to just be at home with only my family tonight. I’m not sure the reason, but it feels like a mellow sort of day. I want to eat pot roast, watch The Amazing Race (I am addicted to that program!) and do a little writing in my BOS/L. I have loose things stuck in it that need to be permenently placed.

Hopefully the evening shan’t be too late.


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I am becoming certified….YAY! So instead of just being a birth advocate and loving attendant for pregnant friends, I can actually call myself a certified post partum doula! I will also go after becoming a labor doula as well, but I have a full plate right now between the PPD and my AAMI studies.

So some girlfriends of mine and I are going to be getting together to write a wimmin’s zine. I am so thrilled at the idea of a zine dealing with wimmin’s issues! I have one friend who has had a baby thus far at home, so she and I have commonalities to write about! YAY!  I am not sure when we will get together, but I hope soon. I have the perfect space for us all to gather for dancing, drumming, thinking, talking and writing.

I have been back at teaching bellydance now too! We have four weeks under our belt and now Connie and I are choreographing a short routine for the ladies to learn in the last 4 weeks. We will have a little hafla on the 30th. The idea behind our classes is troupe formation. We have two ladies who we are going to invite for further learning and to join the troupe. I am so excited about it! The greatest thing is that Connie and I both took our instruction from the Cassandra School! Our instruction was 25 years apart, but the same instruction nonetheless. Another great thing is that her style and mine are different, so routines will never be the same boring thing over and again. She is more traditional, as Cassandra is more traditional. I am more American Tribal Style, as my bellydance study has lead me that direction. It flows for me with regard to my personality as well as why I dance-the spirit of it. The Goddess dance if you will.

I am glad it is fall. THings are slowing down. We are getting our cold frames in, we are setting up for goats before the snow flies, and getting the house cleaned out before cold forces us inside with clutter. de-cluttering stinks, but is so worth it. After we have decluttered, I can take out my slow season crafting, like needlepoints, tea towels, aprons, dresses, etc. I love the cold months for their slow down.

I will have a video series up in a little bit about tea staining. I found a cutsie dress at Target on sale last weekend. It’s Isaac Misrahi for Target. I stained it this morning and it is hanging dry right now. I have some other alterations to do to it, namely taking it in as it is too big…waaaaay too big, as well as adding sleeves and a little trim and making a petticoat to go with it. I am very excited about this dress. I have a certain 40’s farmwife vision in my head when I see the end product in my head. Just you wait!

Off to nurse Zoe to nap and get Grace upstairs to clean her very messy playroom. Then out to tend the chickens. I have rock to throw down around the fencing and eggs to collect and kitchen scraps to feed them (They love treat time!)

More to come….

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I changed the name of my blog…I think I’ll be changing the look too…I feel red. So I shall find red. Update yer settings, folks!

I didn’t like any of the reds.

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Whew. It’s been a busy summer. The pinnacle was this weekend with the Cass County Fair and the ECO-Squared Fair 2007. Neither Rob or I entered anything in the fair this year, solely because we had no time. I am ready for the slow down. We did vend at the ECO-Squared part of the fair:

and gave two workshops, Thursday on Green Cleaning and Saturday on Bath and Body Products From the Pantry and Garden:

On Saturday I got to meet one of my favorite authors, Ellen Sandbeck. She is the author of “ORganic Housekeeping”, “Slugbread and Beheaded Thistles”,  and “Eat More Dirt”. I felt like a nerd. A giddy giddy nerd. I asked her for her autograph on all three of her books and for a photo:

She is really awesome! Seriously. You guys should visit her website: http://www.lavermesworms.net

and get her books! They and the number one thing I reference for green housecleaning and for non toxic gardening and chemical free pest control. We talked quite a bit about vermiculture as we are really interested in getting our worm bin started. We are going to probably go the bunny hutch route for the summertime and then of course the indoor bins during the cool months so as not to kill our hard workers. She makes worms very exciting! Her two workshops were Organic Housekeeping, which touched on topics in her book (Mine, Green Cleaning, was about the specific concoctions you can make in your home to clean without toxins) and Vermiculture.

We had numerous discussions with people this weekend wondering why I had a baby sleeping in a sling and why I didn’t have a playpen for her to sleep in at the fair. It makes my brain itch why people don’t get it. And then they marvel at how well behaved a very tired and over stimulated baby is…oy. Do I really need to go over the benefits of wearing a baby here?

So now our busy summer comes to a close. We still have the farmer’s market, which by the way has become a terrible headache solely because of one vendor. The bad apple that spoils the bunch if you will. I will write about that on another day. I have a little bit of discussing with “the powers that be” if you will, and others involved in order to resolve this mess created in their mind alone.  Don’t you completely love when people create a problem that doesn’t *REALLY* exist? It’s always a joy for me, let me tell you!

So off for now. I need to do some cleaning today and get some herbs washed and hung to dry. We went wild harvesting last night and will again on Thursday before market. We have TONS of berries! HURRAY!

Have a good day and it’s good to be blogging again. The break was thrilling too, though.

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I, with Rob, just finished watching Mel Gibson’s (Go ahead and sigh your disdain over MG being an anti-Semite…I’ll wait………………………………………………………………….are you okay now? ready to just put that aside and read? K. Good. 🙂  )

Okay, so we just got done with MG’s “Apocalypto”. I have to say that at first, when all of the gore started, I was a little turned off…especially when the bad guy ripped the baby from the mama’s arms and flung it about. I kept watching though, and it was much to my gain.

To quote Rob, “There was a lot of fucking running. Just like ‘The Last of the Mohicans.’ All that fucking running.” I think it spoke to the theme of the movie, though. It was pure adrenaline and survival and the attempt on Jaguar Paw’s part to not get caught and to not get caught up -in the end with the Spanish arrive- in the end of the world. It got me thinking about my children and how we are trying to save our children form this world. Rob asked me how the running spoke to the theme of the film. Well here is how -at least to me- in the world as I see it, we are clock bound and ever chasing something bigger, better, and more grand than what we have or have been blessed with. We -collectively-care not how we get what we want or who we hurt or trample over in the process of getting it. We are always go go go with blinders on, not seeing the impact around us. Not caring the wake we leave. Rob was put off when I said we need to save our children -and when I speak our children, I speak in terms of the Village- from the world. He said there is no saving our children form the world. We have to change the world first. THERE! said I. There is where the ideas line up. YES we need to save our children and YES it can be done and YES we need to save the world. It is done by saving our children from the world in it’s current state. Who was the quote at the beginning of the film attributed to I don’t remember, but, it said in short that a civilization cannot collapse without if it does not first collapse within. The Spanish came to the Yukatan Penninsula at the end of the Mayan’s self destruction. they did it to themselves (This is going to come back in in a later post about the Mayan Prophesies and what I think about them and what I think about my dad who is so convinced in their validity and that the world is going to completely collapse in 2012. But enough for now, more on that another time.) I do not want to see my children hauled away by people who are going to beat my husband down and rape the land and me and possibly my children. THAT is in essence what WE are letting happen every day. Every time we let someone do another something bad to our Earth, or our bodies, we are letting them destroy us even more.

Go ahead and think this is some conspiracy thing, but it simply isn’t. I am not a conspiracy nut. I care deeply not only for my children but for the children of the world and the state that we are leaving this world for them. Not just environmentally, but financially, socially, morally, etc. We are leaving everything in ruin. Perhaps the Mayans and their prophesies are right and this is the end of this age…maybe that is a good thing? Maybe colelctively after this age we will WAKE UP and see what the hell we are doing to our earth and ourselves? Maybe we will stop all the fucking running?

I might wake up tomorrow and change some of this. It’s sort of rambling at this point in my thought process, but it’s definitely something I think about daily…teaching my daughters to be interdependent, not simply independent. I strongly believe that independence has been the ruin of our society in recent and even not so recent history. We are all a part of each other and when we all begin to realize that, THAT is the start of a new age.

More later.

oh and I gotta say….the mama had a baby….in the water….a flood no less…unassisted. Oh and love the daddy wearing the baby at the end and all of the happy co-sleeping…..yeah these are the things I notice…these are the things that breed interdependence.

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first things first, Grace’s after shot:

and some neat treasures from Castoffs. I will be repainting them, but like I can wait to implement such a great find….

These are hanging in the craft room and I love them. They were tough to get up by myself, but I’m no wuss. I used ten penny nails though. Do you think that was overkill?

I am not sure what color I will paint them I have to think on it. There will definately be some fabric added to portions of them as well. I have a few ideas, but I can’t settle justyet. I have to look at them for awhile first..

So that was the day so far. Now off to baking (in freakin humidity, ugh!) and cleaning, well, just picking up really. My friend, Meredith, from high school, is coming up for the weekend. I haven’t seen her since last Summer. It should be fun.

Now off I go before lightening strikes and blows up my computer.

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that I never posted the pics and videos of Grace’s birthday. We have been so busy it’s insane. Tomorrow I start baking a few loaves for the farmers market….the innaugural Friday is this week! HURRAY! IT IS FINALLY HERE!! I am so excited about how well our new market is being received. We are now in the early phases of trying to get some funding for a CSA. I have a few outlets and resources available so it is so exciting!

I am so sorry, my lovlies, that I haven’t been bloggin gmuch lately. I ahve a very full plate right now. Aside from the market and the possibility of a CSA, I have been in the garden daily, plotting and planning and planting. We have been making about a bajillion jars of different tinctures and herbal vinegars. I will have a couple of tutorials soon, I promise. Fun with Dandelions and Wild Geraniums! It’s much fun!

It is cuzzo Andrew’s birthday today and he is travelling up here to spend it with us! How he loves us! I have a babe and an lover laying here beside me on the sofa asleep, the big girl is in her bed and all I can hear are the yucky and relentless May Flies banging against the sliding door! EEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. So yuck.

Good bug news, though, our dragon flies are back! every year we get a swarm of dragon flies for a few weeks and they eat all the icky mosquitos and other yucky bugs. they are awesome to watch and seriously beautiful! We love to watch them and they let us get really close to them too, which is neat. some will let us pick them up and pet. They are so cool. I will try to remember to snap a few shots tomorrow while I am getting the maters in the ground.

We have been discussing the homeschooling of our girls lately as Grace is now 5 and kindergarten usually starts about then. We are not required in our state to report education until the age of 7, but grace has been being educated, well, her whole life, as has Zoe. Of course, we are unschoolers, so the world is our textbook and lesson planner, really. I am truly amazed at the things Grace picks up on and is actually learning. While she knows her alphabet and can read simple words, she knows it in her own order. I have discovered that while she doesn’t know the concept of math, she is counting and doing simple addition and subtraction. She is particularly fond of money and counting int hat fashion, which I think is fantastic! She earns money and spends or saves accordingly. She gets sad when she sees her stash shrink, but has gained the knowledge of how to get more money…chores. Work. Helping. Creating (see: http://forestfaeries.etsy.com) the kid is amazing. I cannot wait to see how Zoe blossoms and learns. I love watching them learn in their own ways, and ask questions that 5 year olds simply don’t ask in mainstream education.

another realization as of late is that no matter what Rob and I say or do, there are some people in our periphery who simply will never understand, respect or care for the decisions we make for our lives and the lives of our children. No amount of fact giving or educating will change it. No amount of proof and evidence will make them see that we aren’t wrong in a lot of areas, most areas, with regard to our girls. No amount of anything will show these people ( and I speak in general terms for those of you who read this and know what I speak of) that we really aren’t nuts and do what we feel is best for our family and would never do a single thing that would cause detriment to the health and wellbeing of our girls and the things we do are truly not to piss people off or buck tradition-it’s because we are not traditional as people in general. I pity those people. That is all I have to say about that realization. And with that realization, a little bit of my perpetual hopefulness that all people are good is whittled away a tish.

I am going to get going. It’s 11:30 and I suddenly feel like tea and cleaning.

nite nite. I will try to ge ton here more, dear readers, I promise.

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