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a couple of photos for showing progression. These photos are also on my flickr and have notes if you’d like to read them 🙂

Blank canvass: the appointed homeschool wall in the diningroom

The Project Plan

Some of the colors

Today’s progress: I ran out of paint. I have to get more tomorrow and finish up the chalkboard portions. I am enjoying this project and the envisioning of the end product. This is going to be fantastic. Just wait until you see my perpetual calendar after the tape comes off tomorrow! I’m excited!!


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I am becoming certified….YAY! So instead of just being a birth advocate and loving attendant for pregnant friends, I can actually call myself a certified post partum doula! I will also go after becoming a labor doula as well, but I have a full plate right now between the PPD and my AAMI studies.

So some girlfriends of mine and I are going to be getting together to write a wimmin’s zine. I am so thrilled at the idea of a zine dealing with wimmin’s issues! I have one friend who has had a baby thus far at home, so she and I have commonalities to write about! YAY!  I am not sure when we will get together, but I hope soon. I have the perfect space for us all to gather for dancing, drumming, thinking, talking and writing.

I have been back at teaching bellydance now too! We have four weeks under our belt and now Connie and I are choreographing a short routine for the ladies to learn in the last 4 weeks. We will have a little hafla on the 30th. The idea behind our classes is troupe formation. We have two ladies who we are going to invite for further learning and to join the troupe. I am so excited about it! The greatest thing is that Connie and I both took our instruction from the Cassandra School! Our instruction was 25 years apart, but the same instruction nonetheless. Another great thing is that her style and mine are different, so routines will never be the same boring thing over and again. She is more traditional, as Cassandra is more traditional. I am more American Tribal Style, as my bellydance study has lead me that direction. It flows for me with regard to my personality as well as why I dance-the spirit of it. The Goddess dance if you will.

I am glad it is fall. THings are slowing down. We are getting our cold frames in, we are setting up for goats before the snow flies, and getting the house cleaned out before cold forces us inside with clutter. de-cluttering stinks, but is so worth it. After we have decluttered, I can take out my slow season crafting, like needlepoints, tea towels, aprons, dresses, etc. I love the cold months for their slow down.

I will have a video series up in a little bit about tea staining. I found a cutsie dress at Target on sale last weekend. It’s Isaac Misrahi for Target. I stained it this morning and it is hanging dry right now. I have some other alterations to do to it, namely taking it in as it is too big…waaaaay too big, as well as adding sleeves and a little trim and making a petticoat to go with it. I am very excited about this dress. I have a certain 40’s farmwife vision in my head when I see the end product in my head. Just you wait!

Off to nurse Zoe to nap and get Grace upstairs to clean her very messy playroom. Then out to tend the chickens. I have rock to throw down around the fencing and eggs to collect and kitchen scraps to feed them (They love treat time!)

More to come….

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first things first, Grace’s after shot:

and some neat treasures from Castoffs. I will be repainting them, but like I can wait to implement such a great find….

These are hanging in the craft room and I love them. They were tough to get up by myself, but I’m no wuss. I used ten penny nails though. Do you think that was overkill?

I am not sure what color I will paint them I have to think on it. There will definately be some fabric added to portions of them as well. I have a few ideas, but I can’t settle justyet. I have to look at them for awhile first..

So that was the day so far. Now off to baking (in freakin humidity, ugh!) and cleaning, well, just picking up really. My friend, Meredith, from high school, is coming up for the weekend. I haven’t seen her since last Summer. It should be fun.

Now off I go before lightening strikes and blows up my computer.

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I am short a few because I left the camera in the truck after my trip to the new crafters market in Pequot Lakes (overall disappointing) so they will come later after our trip to Castoffs (OH BLISS ANDJOY COME FROM THAT PLACE!)

So here they are:

asleep in the cuddle pit.

two outfits I made for sale. They are made with vintage and/or recycled fabric and plant dyed organic hemp linen. One for a boy, one for a girl, size 12-24 mos.


Farmer’s Market opening weekend. I didn’t have a canopy up that day.

backyard camping Memorial Day Weekend.

Bro-man and the babes.

Guess who went potty!?!?

1/2 of our Pileated pair.

me. planting potatos.

1/2 of the garden. The other half is on the otherside. At the bottom of the photo is grace’s little garden. Isn’t it cute!?

The peas! Almost about to flower!! YAY!

Some of the tomatos.

A little Witch welcome to the bird folk.

The toothy before. I will have the after later when we get back and I retrieve the camera fromt he truck.

Off to our aventures for the day! have fun!

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Oh to have less to do.

I do it to myself though, well, mostly anyway.

I am filling more orders tonight and taking a break while Rob runs to the market for me. I have a few photos to share, but I will do that later in a different post. It’s a mish mash of photos from the past few weeks.

GRACE LOST HER FIRST TOOTH!!!! Wait till you see her silly new grin. I love it!

The garden is doing amazing! We already have a few tomato plants flowering. Our peas are about to flower any day, we have lettuces and kales and spinach and arugula just about ready…the list goes on and on.

We got a new canopy today fo rthe market. It’s an easy up and it’s a little harder than they make it, but still better than what we had. No parts to lose! Yay! I have a sign to make tonight or tomorrow too as it has a sign banner. I love it.

Let’s see, what else? Oh, I started running again and found that even after a couple of years I STILL have just over a 7 minute mile at a slow jog. Yay! Marathon running here I come (oh how I can’t wait to do that again!)

I ahve a lot of new pins that I have made. I have to take photos of those yet, but they are pretty cool. A great example in recycling art! Some of them are up on the Forest Faeries etsy shop. I will have something SUPER special up shortly. I have to finish it tonight as well (see, I need less to do….too bad I love everything I do.)

Okay, I have a crying babe, so I need to run. Off to nurse and then back to orders and soap for farmers market! Just wanted to quick update….photos later, I PROMISE!!!!

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I made some windchimes and we plan to make a few more. Grace wants to make some to sell so she has her own money to buy more beads…..uh huh. She said to me, “Mama, can I have an Etsy shop liek you so that I can make my money?” (OY!-but hey! She is learning at a young age to value of doing for yourself!)

soooooo, we have created Forest Faeries at: http://ForestFaeries.etsy.com

It will feature art created from natural, recycled and thrifted materials by children, with children and inspired by children. We are seeking a children’s charity to give a portion of the earnings to (Grace’s idea…WOW!) so if you have any suggestions, please share. The only one I thought of thus far was Heiffer International. That was the greatest gift I was ever given (Thanks a million times more, Sarah,) So I think it would be neat to get involved with it that way…

We already have a few things made that will be put up this week and week-end, then I have to take a break for a bit and get a few other things done. I have a BIG announcement that a few people know about already but I haven’t shared it here yet….

That’s all. Going to bed. It has been a long and busy day. We had a La Leche League meeting today….lots of driving and getting ready after the meeting for St. Patty’s. Picked up the corned beef at the meat market, got the girls their green apparel (for being as much Irish as I am-English, Irish and German mostly-it is surprising how little green I own,) etc.


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The Soap Deli featured me!!


 Go read…go go go!!!


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