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Here is the back story:

Rob’s father owns a cabin about 12 miles from our home. He has owned it some 40 years I guess. He built it from the ground up.

Fast forward to recent past:

They are ripping the cabin down. The cabin where my husband spent a great deal of his childhood. The cabin my FIL built. Tearing it down. They are putting in it’s place a new fangled fancy cabin that they have to dig into the hillside to put up.

Kindly, though, his father is letting ROB do the tear down. The tear down includes a 12’x10′ shed that we are going to use for a new chicken coop. The old coop is going to be a tool shed. The rest of the cabin is going to be reconstructed as a barn and the screen porch is going to go onto the South side of our home-we’ll cut in a door from the family room to access it.

Rob brought the 12’x10′ home today and began reassembling it in it’s place in the yard.

Old coop and new coop side by side prior to reassembly

Space leveled

Platform is set and leveled




Three and a half


So that’s the deal for now. I have other stuff to write about, but not just yet. I’ll post photos as things progress. I’ll even try to post photos of the cabin deconstruction. It’s been a time since I posted anything, but I have been busy. The slow down months are here, which means LOTS of knitting, LOTS of soups and breads, LOTS of tea, and a little bit of blogging.

I have missed it.


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I am short a few because I left the camera in the truck after my trip to the new crafters market in Pequot Lakes (overall disappointing) so they will come later after our trip to Castoffs (OH BLISS ANDJOY COME FROM THAT PLACE!)

So here they are:

asleep in the cuddle pit.

two outfits I made for sale. They are made with vintage and/or recycled fabric and plant dyed organic hemp linen. One for a boy, one for a girl, size 12-24 mos.


Farmer’s Market opening weekend. I didn’t have a canopy up that day.

backyard camping Memorial Day Weekend.

Bro-man and the babes.

Guess who went potty!?!?

1/2 of our Pileated pair.

me. planting potatos.

1/2 of the garden. The other half is on the otherside. At the bottom of the photo is grace’s little garden. Isn’t it cute!?

The peas! Almost about to flower!! YAY!

Some of the tomatos.

A little Witch welcome to the bird folk.

The toothy before. I will have the after later when we get back and I retrieve the camera fromt he truck.

Off to our aventures for the day! have fun!

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Yes, Chili.

We had so much fun today. We went out and about on the snow mobiles for a bit. Zoe got a little freaked out so it wasn’t too long before we were back at the house. We built a small fire (which is still burning) and put a sawhorse over it with the cast iron pot full of chili. It was so much fun to cook over the fire and the chili was so good. It is still warm in the pot on the table. Gotta love cast iron!


We played in the snow…

and roasted march-mallows

Everyone is very tired from a fun day out in the very late snow. We got around 16-18 inches, there about. It arrived about three months late, but better late than never.

I am going to bed early tonight. I have a chiro appointment and an eye dr. appointment tomorrow….shall be busy. Connie, you are right, I need like 36 hours to each day!

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So a few weeks ago I won a raffle on MJF for a knit hat from Erin and then I put a call out to knitters for some new socks on trade for an apron, as I have darned so many pairs I am afraid I cannot darn any more, so new wool socks were in order. Here are the results…

I am laughing so hard because I must throw off blue and yellow vibes or something. Yellow is my favorite and blue is a close second….I did tell them yellow was my favorite and I love how the hat came out so bold and the socks so muted…..what a perfect combination….

I am really loving that I am noticing my weight loss, especially in my face. It takes me awhile, about 9-10 months I have learned, before I start losing baby weight and finally my efforts, my Yoga practice, my calorie watching, my fat intake, etc. is paying off. I got on, zipped and buttoned my favorite jeans yesterday. I won’t wear them yet, but soon enough.

Off to watch Oprah….we love to watch it when Dr. Oz is on…we all always learn quite a bit.

More later.

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First, the gifts from Tina (photograph of golden day lily) and Nancy Jo (Witch embroidery).

Next, the skirt I made….can you tell the shirt I am wearing is my favorite…I think it is seen in a few pictures on this blog…

Zoe was at my feet. She had run into the kitchen nearly knocking Rob down (yes a two foot baby can knock over a 6’2″ man…) just to give me a hug. and I can see now that I am the perpetual klutz and have crap on my shirt. LOL.

Now the oatmeal raisin cookies we made today


1C soft butter

1C firmly packed brown sugar

1/2 C turbinado (raw sugar)

2 eggs

1 tsp vanilla

1 1/2C whole wheat flour

1 tsp baking soda

1 tsp cinnamon

1/2 tsp nutmeg

1/2 tsp salt

3C oatmeal

1C golden raisins

oven 350

Beat butter, sugars, eggs, and vanilla until smooth and creamy. COmbine dry ingredients sans raisins and oatmeal in a seperate bowl. Combine with butter mixture. Mix well. Add raisins and oatmeal. Mix well. Drop by tablespoon full onto a dark, ungreased cookie sheet. bake for 10-12 minutes or until bottoms are slightly brown. YUMMMMMMMMM!

Now a snow picture. This was taken out of my altar window in my kitchen.

This was this morning. The snow all melted and was replaced later int he day with another covering. That then melted and was replaced with what is falling as I type this. It really is pretty. I wish it was here to stay for the Winter, but alas, it isn’t.

Now here are a few of my strange children

First up, Gracie pretending she has braces on her teeth….what a strange child.


Zoe has been making this face all day

and the cheesy face of lunchtime

Gotta love Annie’s shells and cheese! Zoe sure does (truly the stuff is amazing! and not any where close to as bad for you as Kraft…organic macaronie and cheese man!!)

Up next, Rob and Grace wrestling on the floor (at this point we all got very goofy and there are some very strange pictures that were taken….)

The referenced above strangeness…we are all four in this picture….if you can believe that…

Now a nice family picture…

Now it’s just me and Rob being silly (the picture is a little fuzzy, but yes he is trying to lick my face.)

and now a smooch…..(but by the camera time stamp the smooch came first….oh well….)

There you have it….the pictures I promised and then some. I won’t be blogging again until probably Sunday night. We are going to the tattoo show in Duluth on Saturday….leaving here at around 7:30am and won’t be home till probably the wee hours of Sunday morning. I am sure to have quite a few fabulous pictures of skin art when I return…..

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This was taken two days ago and I just got it off of the camera tonight. I love this picture. She truly was hugging the tree. She said to me, “Mama, I’m hugging this tree.” Gotta love my little Liberal. THis is the same kid who sat on my shoulders at a Kerry rally at the Stone Arch Bridge and yelled and shouted and cheered.

Same kid that, whenever we pass by KFC in Brainerd, she makes sure that I know KFC is bad because they hurt chickens. Same kid that balks at Wal-Mart commercials and says “blah blah blah, I’m Mark Kennedy and I don’t like you.” (Mark Kennedy is a politician in MN-a Republican.)

I love that I grow Liberals and girls who speak out. I am an activista mamacita according to a quiz I took. It’s no wonder.

Ha! Hugging the tree.

And here is Zoe chasing after her in her cute little crocheted Witch hat made by Carol.

I have fallen in love with embriodery and have been stitching like mad. Here are two, the latter is done now, but I have yet to take a picture of the finished product. (OOO I also haven’t taken a picture of the skirt yet either, but I will tomorrow and will get it posted along with a picture of the two gifts I got in the mail today as park of the RAOK on MJF, one from Nancy Jo and the other from Tina.)

So yesterday I went on a vacuuming spree. I vacuumed everything and then made my way to the stairs. I had put Zoe into her intellitainer as it keeps her from being afraid while I am vacuuming. She is terrified of it. Grace came downstairs and read a story to Zoe and by the time I was done with the stairs this is what I came into the livingroom to find

So I picked her up, still sleeping, and layed her down and let Grace eat her unch in the freshly vacuumed livingroom while she watched Princess and the Pauper (It’s that Barbie movie, which belongs to my brother. He accidentally left it here when he and the kids visited last. I am totally anti-Barbie, but Grace loves the songs and dances around and pretends to be Erica…it’s very cute.)

Oh and one more embroidery. I finished this one this morning

We are going to Duluth on Saturday to the Tattoo You tattoo expo. I am going to enter my faerie, Terra, in competition. That will be fun….kind of a prelude to our annual Shades of Blue in LaCrosse, Wisconsin, at the end of Janurary. I am sure to have a TON of beautiful pictures from the show.

I am going to take a day or two off of blogging, I think. I have a few things to accomplish before Saturday and it will make for a long and good blog if I take a few days. I will post those pictures tomorrow, though, and perhaps a picture of the SNOW!!!!!!!

Now off to bed with me…very tired today, Zoe didn’t sleep very well last night.

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Holly Hobby Redwork for the MJF Tea Towel exchange. I wasn’t going to post this right away, but I couldn’t help myself. This is my first Redwork and I am darn proud of it. I think it’s so cute. I am glad I have the pattern, as I am going to make one for myself as well. I am not sure if I will do it in Redwork or if I will choose colors instead…..hmmmm…..much to ponder.

I had this extra goofy yarn leftover from another project so I thought I would see if I had enough to make a Fall hat for Zoe, since her Winter hat is just a little too warm for use yet. I can see now that she managed to pull a string out on the top….OY! She looks super cute though, doesn’t she?

And now the best picture of the day, taken by my love while he grilled dinner

Taken Westward from our deck. Nice.

In other news, we made apple dumplings today (I feel I am in an apple mode. ‘Tis the season, I suppose.) I still have osme pastry left over so I am going to make some mini apple pies tomorrow for desert with our spaghetti (with, you guessed it, homemade spaghetti sauce!!)

I made my list today of outgoing projects:

Edwardian Apron-in exchange for the book from Nancy Jo (cut, not yet sewn)

Apron of my design-in exchange for my knit socks

Tea Towel for Laura (DONE!)

Baby Carrier for Heather from SHF-this is the second one I have made because the first one, though delivery was confirmed, was not received. GRR. (Done and ready for the mail.)

Doll “Anna Grace” for Kelly who won it inmy drawing on MJF

A doll whose name I am keeping secret because it is a surprise for someone who I *KNOW* reads my blog

A doll to have on hand for sale

An Edwardian Apron to have on hand for sale made from this beautiful large print toile I got on my last fabric shopping expedition

Granted the last two are not really yet going out, but I want to have them done. KATE!!!!! You need to email me and let me know what I need to do about your dolls!!!! I will cut them this weekend if you email me.

I got rid of that Tazo that was making me feel funny. Tatiana told me that it made her feel weird, too, so I thought I would just get rid of it.

I avoided my craft/sewing room today at all costs. It needs cleaning and reorganizing and I keep inventing things to do other than that, just so I don’t have to do it…..it rally needs it though. I am seriously hip deep in fabric and sewing machines….FIVE OF THEM!!!!! And a serger. I have a serious problem on my hands. Maybe I will take a picture of it tomorrow and post it. That can be my motivator….I will show my dirty secret to you all…..clean house-horrifyingly messy sewing room….but, but, but, but, I KNOW WHERE EVERYTHING IS!!! I SWEAR!!!!

Rob is falling asleep on the ocuch next to me, so I think it is time to go to bed.

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