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Sometime in the wee hours this morning, or late last night, our farm had an arrival

Pretty little Alpine girl kid. Yippee! Milk in June and the Circle turns again!


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Not an idea new to me, today marks our first Coffee Cauldron at the PR Pantry and Quilter’s Parlour. From 12-2 Pagans, Eclectics, Freethinkers and Lovers of the Earth are gathering for coffee and socialization.

Of course the idea sprang from the Coffee Cauldron in the Twin Cities. I have never been, have always been jealous of those living in the Twin Cities who can attend, and longed for something similar up here.

It’s a great chance to spread boundaries, hone different friendships, and show people that might not agree with Alternative Paths, that we are not showy people, not freaks, not people being different for the sake fo being different, etc.  The joy of going for coffee and fellowship exists outside of church basements.

I am excited and antsy and cannot wait for the next 2 hours to pass. I think I’ll do some cleaning to make it pass a little faster.

After Coffee Cauldron V and Dare coming over. V has an antenatal appointment with me and they are paying Rob for his mechanic services, picking up the vehicle, and staying for pot roast. MMMMM Pot roast. Truth be told, though, I would really like to just be at home with only my family tonight. I’m not sure the reason, but it feels like a mellow sort of day. I want to eat pot roast, watch The Amazing Race (I am addicted to that program!) and do a little writing in my BOS/L. I have loose things stuck in it that need to be permenently placed.

Hopefully the evening shan’t be too late.

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From Ron Paul’s website:

“The right of an innocent, unborn child to life is at the heart of the American ideals of liberty. My professional and legislative record demonstrates my strong commitment to this pro-life principle.

In 40 years of medical practice, I never once considered performing an abortion, nor did I ever find abortion necessary to save the life of a pregnant woman.

In Congress, I have authored legislation that seeks to define life as beginning at conception, HR 1094.

I am also the prime sponsor of HR 300, which would negate the effect of Roe v Wade by removing the ability of federal courts to interfere with state legislation to protect life. This is a practical, direct approach to ending federal court tyranny which threatens our constitutional republic and has caused the deaths of 45 million of the unborn.

I have also authored HR 1095, which prevents federal funds to be used for so-called “population control.”

Many talk about being pro-life. I have taken direct action to restore protection for the unborn.

As an OB/GYN doctor, I’ve delivered over 4,000 babies. That experience has made me an unshakable foe of abortion. Many of you may have read my book, Challenge To Liberty, which champions the idea that there cannot be liberty in a society unless the rights of all innocents are protected. Much can be understood about the civility of a society in observing its regard for the dignity of human life.”

Even the bible does not say that human life begins at conception, not that I use that as my authority. I would never ever ever have an abortion. I couldn’t. I do not have it within me, no matter the circumstance. I have my opinions about when an abortion is necessary and when it is just plain selfish (ie. many of them and used as birth control and FORGET about partial birth.) That said, I would NEVER EVER EVER tell another womon what she should do with her body even though I might disagree with her. It isn’t my place, nor is it the place of government.

So despite the Socialist streak of this Bleeding Heart, I would vote for Ron Paul-I wouldn’t register as a Republican-but I would vote for him….if he didn’t have the notion that he could tell me what I and other wimmin can and cannot do with their own bodies (and then he talks about personal health freedom on another page-irony much?)

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Go check it out….just so this blog doesn’t become a ‘mommy-blog’ (yuck, I hate that term.)


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So we went to the dentist yesterday because Rob needed a cleaning and I was having some pain. Turns out it was my upper right wisdom tooth. My upper left never ever grew in. Dr Craig extracted it, put me on Amoxycillin and Tylenol and sent me right on home. I was fine last night but today…holy man! I hurt and was so tired and queasy and I am not sure what was the baby and what was my mouth. Zoe and I slept quite a bit today. Pregnancy makes me very tired.

I ended up not going to vend at the market today too because I was in pain and so very tired. No matter though because apparently, the problem person who was constructing issues with the market, didn’t show and another was opening their farm to the public today so they couldnt show. I had planned (we stopped by there for this very reason) to talk to everyone briefly about the (cough…non…cough) issues present with the market, but all who were there were already privvy to the ‘problem’ and assured me all was good, especially for a BRAND NEW MARKET. I wont go into all of the details here, mostly because it is stupid and one person is attempting to not only bully me, but bully the other venodrs into thinking the way she does, and it just isn’t working or worth the effort. She is a bitter and mean woman to begin with (no joke, first market day after Grace tried visiting with her a few times and got nasty responses, she told me point blank, “I hate children”. WTF! What kind of person HATES children?) so no amount of talking will do any good. My only hope is that she will just stay away.

I had my first bellyrub today too! My friend, Holly, stopped by just to hug me, congratulate me and rub my belly. It was so sweet. She is another crazy homebirthing mama, and her first baby too! Athena is so chubby and cute…oh my!

We have had comfort foods for the past few nights. Rob pointed out that my subconscious, having done this twice before, knows what makes me feel better…and as cliche as it may be, pickles are one of those things for me. I am a German girl after all. I love vinegar! mmmmm they make me feel so good when I am queasy.  On Thursday, when I am 6 weeks, I will take the first belly photo. I was tempted today, but I want them to be at the start of new weeks,. I’ll be starting week 7 so it’s as good of a time as any. Although, with baby number three it is amazing how soon your tummy starts to pop out, if the bellydance video was any indication.

I’m gonna run. I am tired, yet again, and Zoe needs to nurse and I need snuggle time with Rob.

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Check out the link on the left underneath my little animated MEEZ Witchy preggo girl (obviously I don’t look like that yet, but it was my only option!)…there is a great e-book you can get about bellydancing during pregnancy and birth. It’s AMAZING! Check it out!

More later…..

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No bleeding and a plus sign is all the proof I need.

So we have slept on it. We got in a pillow fight because I asked if it was too soon to talk about names. Rob said it was and I proceeded to list off all sorts of inane names for our baby.

I am not feeling the effects yet sans for peeing a lot…but that could have to do with the weather and drinking extra water. I don’t expect I will notice much until a few weeks from now. By my clock and count I am 4 w and 6 d. We have only a few more people to tell but it’s Rob’s job and he said he would do it when he felt like it! HA! That’s kinda funny. I imagine he will make those calls this evening. it will be interesting.

So instead of making a baby in March, like we had on the docket, we shall be birthing a baby in March-April-ish. Once again we will be planning an Unassisted Birth and this time, a 100% Unassisted Pregnancy. More than half of my pregnancy with Zoe was unassisted and it was so much better than it would have been under the ‘care’ or doctors. We are both so very excited to once again be a living example of what the body of a woman was made for. That babies are made when they are made-unassisted-and they are born when they are born-unassisted and totally blissfully.

I am so excited to tell all of my wimmin friends here locally. They will be thrilled I am sure!

It’s a little hot here today and Zoe needs to nurse and nap (yep…still nursing and will keep nursing…more on nursing while breastfeeding in a future post.)

Thanks for all of your well wishes!!

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