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I am becoming certified….YAY! So instead of just being a birth advocate and loving attendant for pregnant friends, I can actually call myself a certified post partum doula! I will also go after becoming a labor doula as well, but I have a full plate right now between the PPD and my AAMI studies.

So some girlfriends of mine and I are going to be getting together to write a wimmin’s zine. I am so thrilled at the idea of a zine dealing with wimmin’s issues! I have one friend who has had a baby thus far at home, so she and I have commonalities to write about! YAY!  I am not sure when we will get together, but I hope soon. I have the perfect space for us all to gather for dancing, drumming, thinking, talking and writing.

I have been back at teaching bellydance now too! We have four weeks under our belt and now Connie and I are choreographing a short routine for the ladies to learn in the last 4 weeks. We will have a little hafla on the 30th. The idea behind our classes is troupe formation. We have two ladies who we are going to invite for further learning and to join the troupe. I am so excited about it! The greatest thing is that Connie and I both took our instruction from the Cassandra School! Our instruction was 25 years apart, but the same instruction nonetheless. Another great thing is that her style and mine are different, so routines will never be the same boring thing over and again. She is more traditional, as Cassandra is more traditional. I am more American Tribal Style, as my bellydance study has lead me that direction. It flows for me with regard to my personality as well as why I dance-the spirit of it. The Goddess dance if you will.

I am glad it is fall. THings are slowing down. We are getting our cold frames in, we are setting up for goats before the snow flies, and getting the house cleaned out before cold forces us inside with clutter. de-cluttering stinks, but is so worth it. After we have decluttered, I can take out my slow season crafting, like needlepoints, tea towels, aprons, dresses, etc. I love the cold months for their slow down.

I will have a video series up in a little bit about tea staining. I found a cutsie dress at Target on sale last weekend. It’s Isaac Misrahi for Target. I stained it this morning and it is hanging dry right now. I have some other alterations to do to it, namely taking it in as it is too big…waaaaay too big, as well as adding sleeves and a little trim and making a petticoat to go with it. I am very excited about this dress. I have a certain 40’s farmwife vision in my head when I see the end product in my head. Just you wait!

Off to nurse Zoe to nap and get Grace upstairs to clean her very messy playroom. Then out to tend the chickens. I have rock to throw down around the fencing and eggs to collect and kitchen scraps to feed them (They love treat time!)

More to come….


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So we went to the dentist yesterday because Rob needed a cleaning and I was having some pain. Turns out it was my upper right wisdom tooth. My upper left never ever grew in. Dr Craig extracted it, put me on Amoxycillin and Tylenol and sent me right on home. I was fine last night but today…holy man! I hurt and was so tired and queasy and I am not sure what was the baby and what was my mouth. Zoe and I slept quite a bit today. Pregnancy makes me very tired.

I ended up not going to vend at the market today too because I was in pain and so very tired. No matter though because apparently, the problem person who was constructing issues with the market, didn’t show and another was opening their farm to the public today so they couldnt show. I had planned (we stopped by there for this very reason) to talk to everyone briefly about the (cough…non…cough) issues present with the market, but all who were there were already privvy to the ‘problem’ and assured me all was good, especially for a BRAND NEW MARKET. I wont go into all of the details here, mostly because it is stupid and one person is attempting to not only bully me, but bully the other venodrs into thinking the way she does, and it just isn’t working or worth the effort. She is a bitter and mean woman to begin with (no joke, first market day after Grace tried visiting with her a few times and got nasty responses, she told me point blank, “I hate children”. WTF! What kind of person HATES children?) so no amount of talking will do any good. My only hope is that she will just stay away.

I had my first bellyrub today too! My friend, Holly, stopped by just to hug me, congratulate me and rub my belly. It was so sweet. She is another crazy homebirthing mama, and her first baby too! Athena is so chubby and cute…oh my!

We have had comfort foods for the past few nights. Rob pointed out that my subconscious, having done this twice before, knows what makes me feel better…and as cliche as it may be, pickles are one of those things for me. I am a German girl after all. I love vinegar! mmmmm they make me feel so good when I am queasy.  On Thursday, when I am 6 weeks, I will take the first belly photo. I was tempted today, but I want them to be at the start of new weeks,. I’ll be starting week 7 so it’s as good of a time as any. Although, with baby number three it is amazing how soon your tummy starts to pop out, if the bellydance video was any indication.

I’m gonna run. I am tired, yet again, and Zoe needs to nurse and I need snuggle time with Rob.

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No bleeding and a plus sign is all the proof I need.

So we have slept on it. We got in a pillow fight because I asked if it was too soon to talk about names. Rob said it was and I proceeded to list off all sorts of inane names for our baby.

I am not feeling the effects yet sans for peeing a lot…but that could have to do with the weather and drinking extra water. I don’t expect I will notice much until a few weeks from now. By my clock and count I am 4 w and 6 d. We have only a few more people to tell but it’s Rob’s job and he said he would do it when he felt like it! HA! That’s kinda funny. I imagine he will make those calls this evening. it will be interesting.

So instead of making a baby in March, like we had on the docket, we shall be birthing a baby in March-April-ish. Once again we will be planning an Unassisted Birth and this time, a 100% Unassisted Pregnancy. More than half of my pregnancy with Zoe was unassisted and it was so much better than it would have been under the ‘care’ or doctors. We are both so very excited to once again be a living example of what the body of a woman was made for. That babies are made when they are made-unassisted-and they are born when they are born-unassisted and totally blissfully.

I am so excited to tell all of my wimmin friends here locally. They will be thrilled I am sure!

It’s a little hot here today and Zoe needs to nurse and nap (yep…still nursing and will keep nursing…more on nursing while breastfeeding in a future post.)

Thanks for all of your well wishes!!

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Whew. It’s been a busy summer. The pinnacle was this weekend with the Cass County Fair and the ECO-Squared Fair 2007. Neither Rob or I entered anything in the fair this year, solely because we had no time. I am ready for the slow down. We did vend at the ECO-Squared part of the fair:

and gave two workshops, Thursday on Green Cleaning and Saturday on Bath and Body Products From the Pantry and Garden:

On Saturday I got to meet one of my favorite authors, Ellen Sandbeck. She is the author of “ORganic Housekeeping”, “Slugbread and Beheaded Thistles”,  and “Eat More Dirt”. I felt like a nerd. A giddy giddy nerd. I asked her for her autograph on all three of her books and for a photo:

She is really awesome! Seriously. You guys should visit her website: http://www.lavermesworms.net

and get her books! They and the number one thing I reference for green housecleaning and for non toxic gardening and chemical free pest control. We talked quite a bit about vermiculture as we are really interested in getting our worm bin started. We are going to probably go the bunny hutch route for the summertime and then of course the indoor bins during the cool months so as not to kill our hard workers. She makes worms very exciting! Her two workshops were Organic Housekeeping, which touched on topics in her book (Mine, Green Cleaning, was about the specific concoctions you can make in your home to clean without toxins) and Vermiculture.

We had numerous discussions with people this weekend wondering why I had a baby sleeping in a sling and why I didn’t have a playpen for her to sleep in at the fair. It makes my brain itch why people don’t get it. And then they marvel at how well behaved a very tired and over stimulated baby is…oy. Do I really need to go over the benefits of wearing a baby here?

So now our busy summer comes to a close. We still have the farmer’s market, which by the way has become a terrible headache solely because of one vendor. The bad apple that spoils the bunch if you will. I will write about that on another day. I have a little bit of discussing with “the powers that be” if you will, and others involved in order to resolve this mess created in their mind alone.  Don’t you completely love when people create a problem that doesn’t *REALLY* exist? It’s always a joy for me, let me tell you!

So off for now. I need to do some cleaning today and get some herbs washed and hung to dry. We went wild harvesting last night and will again on Thursday before market. We have TONS of berries! HURRAY!

Have a good day and it’s good to be blogging again. The break was thrilling too, though.

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We are in another limbo state….we have started seeds soem things are planted but it is still a tish too cold for most things, so we wait…….I hate waiting.

 So I have been going nuts making candles and incense when I have not be forced on the couch. I hurt my ankle pretty terribly twice in about three weeks. I am an over achiever and I thought I was ready for a few things that I wasn’t. Oy.

I have also been steadily trying to get catch up on  laundry powder orders. I do better off of etsy than I do on, though I hae more than a number of trades and orders that I am working on as well. Its a fun hobby. I am also very amped to see other laundry soap sellers on etsy….might put a wad in someone’s panties, and I kinda love that….I am so not in this for the competition and it seems that that idea is lost on her, oh well….apparently wisdom doesn’t always go with age.

I brought the girls to the park yesterday….and then got a very stern, “HRRRRRMMMMMMM” grumble when Rob got home….I was suppose to be nursing my foot. Again, over achiever….I can’t just sit…not when the weather is nice and my kids want to play at the park and I have a jazzy cute new skirt that I felt inclined to make yesterday for Spring and Summer.

Cute Skirt and Summer Shoes

Here are the girls on the swings….Last Fall, Zoe was TERRIFIED of them. As you can see she has come around nicely.

We got a storm last night…the first of the season…and it caused some serious muddiness in the driveway….just when we had gotten past it. Rob got the Suburban stuck this morning….and I mean stuck! up to the bumper. If he lets me I will take pictures. We tried to get it out with the pick up, but that didn’t work so he called up his boss and is now in process of getting the wrecker out here to get it  out. The thing is, we dont own that part of our driveway, the guy that does just doesn’t give a care at all. He’s an ass all around, truly.

Gonna plant potatos this weekend. Yum.

Okay…off to tea and washing my hair. Have a good weekend, Dear Readers. It feels good to blog again…

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please meet Socrates, our new computer. Yes, we named our computer Socrates. I still have to upload photos to this GLORIOUS machine, so stay tuned….photos of the past, oh, 6 weeks are on their way. Just wanted to let you, my loyal readers to know that we are up and running and ready for massive computing. SO MUCH YAYNESS!!!

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Rob found a way….I love him. I knew I married him for some reason. So here is pure hilarity, stay with me.

You know my computer crashed. I lost EVERYTHING! We are getting a new computer after the new year. The only thing I didn’t lose (so I guess that means I didn’t lose everything) are the pictures. I cannot view them, however, so I have to put them to disk and keep them handy for the next puter.

So here is where it gets really funny…

Rob’s laptop burned out it’s monitor. The Vaio desktop doen’t have the internet. Soooo he hooked up the Vaio monitor to the laptop, and the laptop does not have wireless ability so he dug out his LAN cord. This is quite a peculiar site to say the least…There are cords absolutely everywhere.

So we get the internet going and guess what!? I cannot log into ANYTHING!!! Apparently he turned the security up to high because this laptop is a dinosaur (he got it in 1997) and has nonewhatsoever. A few months ago he had his credit card number taken from this compuer when he plugged it in for 20 minutes. That card is since cancelled so there are no worries.

I turned the security to medium so that I could enable cookies….

I miss the internet. It is strange how such a tool is part of my life, Rob’s too and sometimes Grace’s (she has her own email address now, such a big girl). We use it for so many things, so to not have it, or even our regular computer useage, is realyl weird.

I have a lot of photos to show you all but no way to upload hem to Flickr, so I will have nothing but huge posts filled with photos which will tell you the stories of the past few weeks, that is, as soon as we have our new computer. We are pricing tomorrow whilst we are in Brainerd doing our last bit of holiday shopping.

I think that’s all for right now. SO much has gone on lately, you will just have to wait fo rthe photo posts. 🙂

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