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a couple of photos for showing progression. These photos are also on my flickr and have notes if you’d like to read them 🙂

Blank canvass: the appointed homeschool wall in the diningroom

The Project Plan

Some of the colors

Today’s progress: I ran out of paint. I have to get more tomorrow and finish up the chalkboard portions. I am enjoying this project and the envisioning of the end product. This is going to be fantastic. Just wait until you see my perpetual calendar after the tape comes off tomorrow! I’m excited!!


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Grace yesterday showed interest in forming her own BOS/L and learning about Tarot. I found a children’s ezine that features a different Trump card each edition (it’s a Pagan kids ezine, I’ll post the link later) and has a children’s looking Tarot card. I copy and pasted the photos of the first 16 Trumps and printed them out on card stock so Grace can start learning.

She has a Fae oracle already that I gave her years ago but she is really really wanting to be able to read.

Since she expressed an interest in a REAL BOS/L I started doing to digging online for things a kid might want to stick in a BOS/L. I’ve got links to coloring pages, Pagan kids wordfinds, kids spells, rituals, meanings behind the magick explained just for kids. I am thrilled and so is she!

So this coming week I am going to go get her a three ring binder and some clear sheet covers so she can start her BOS/L. This’ll be an interesting thing to see happen. She adores Isis and has since she was about 2. She also adores, interestingly, Medusa. She had a dream at about 3 and asked me the next day if there was such a goddess that had spaghetti hair. I asked her if she was sure it was spaghetti and she said, “well, no, they had heads.” So I asked her if they might be snakes and she said yes! I was really quite shocked. So Isis and Medusa. An interesting combination.

Zoe has taken to putting water into jars then letting markers soak in the jars making “potions” that Rob and I have stepped in quite a number of times after she has poured them out in doorways to “keep out the bad things”. I am quite amused.

Deg is my energy anchor. That is as much as I know about him in his spiritual existence thus far.

Rune is here by me constantly. I am told he’ll be here until I pass through the veil. Both of my sons seem to cherish me. I’ll take that 😉

I have learned that when children are not indoctrinated or when children that ARE indoctrinated are given 5 minutes to be left to their own devices, they cling to nature. They cherish and worship nature.

Grace got baptised as an infant, something that even as a Catholic, I was against as it never made sense to me. It’s fire insurance for the old church biddies. This is the readon my grandmother baptised me in her bathroom sink at only a couple of days old as my mother lay in the hospital near death after heammoraging. She feared my Lutheran father might not have me baptised Catholic, thus condemning my pour infant soul for all eternity. I love the sentiment behind that story, but the dogma is frankly absurd.

Since Grace’s baptism, I have not instructed her in any tradition, Christian, Pagan, or otherwise. She is honestly kept out of most of my spiritual practice sans for a family ritual at a Sabbat, or if a pet dies, the funerary that goes into their passing. that she has made her direction at this phase in her life to be cherishing the Earth and loving the Goddess is astounding to me!

An example of the notion I mentioned above is one I noticed in the documentary “Jesus Camp”. The little dancer girl was on the deck during a rain shower. She wanted to go out into the rain and her mother said no, but then relented for about ten seconds. The girl would not come out of the lightly falling rain when her mother bid her in. The look of pure bliss and spirit about the girl became quite clear. I could see her cherishing being pure spirit and relishing in nature. Nature was her only care, her only god, at that very moment in time. Allowed to just be, she clung to nature.

I am so thankful my children live in the place they do. They are allowed to just be, every single day. They are allowed to find their own path and be pure spirit. They are able to find Goddess and God in everything they do and all on their own with no meddling from anyone. How can a person take that from a child, calling them “willfull”. I’ll take a willfull child over a broken child any day of the week. Broken children come tomy house and their will comes back even if only fleeting. My heart cries for those children.

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Go check it out….just so this blog doesn’t become a ‘mommy-blog’ (yuck, I hate that term.)


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I am short a few because I left the camera in the truck after my trip to the new crafters market in Pequot Lakes (overall disappointing) so they will come later after our trip to Castoffs (OH BLISS ANDJOY COME FROM THAT PLACE!)

So here they are:

asleep in the cuddle pit.

two outfits I made for sale. They are made with vintage and/or recycled fabric and plant dyed organic hemp linen. One for a boy, one for a girl, size 12-24 mos.


Farmer’s Market opening weekend. I didn’t have a canopy up that day.

backyard camping Memorial Day Weekend.

Bro-man and the babes.

Guess who went potty!?!?

1/2 of our Pileated pair.

me. planting potatos.

1/2 of the garden. The other half is on the otherside. At the bottom of the photo is grace’s little garden. Isn’t it cute!?

The peas! Almost about to flower!! YAY!

Some of the tomatos.

A little Witch welcome to the bird folk.

The toothy before. I will have the after later when we get back and I retrieve the camera fromt he truck.

Off to our aventures for the day! have fun!

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that I never posted the pics and videos of Grace’s birthday. We have been so busy it’s insane. Tomorrow I start baking a few loaves for the farmers market….the innaugural Friday is this week! HURRAY! IT IS FINALLY HERE!! I am so excited about how well our new market is being received. We are now in the early phases of trying to get some funding for a CSA. I have a few outlets and resources available so it is so exciting!

I am so sorry, my lovlies, that I haven’t been bloggin gmuch lately. I ahve a very full plate right now. Aside from the market and the possibility of a CSA, I have been in the garden daily, plotting and planning and planting. We have been making about a bajillion jars of different tinctures and herbal vinegars. I will have a couple of tutorials soon, I promise. Fun with Dandelions and Wild Geraniums! It’s much fun!

It is cuzzo Andrew’s birthday today and he is travelling up here to spend it with us! How he loves us! I have a babe and an lover laying here beside me on the sofa asleep, the big girl is in her bed and all I can hear are the yucky and relentless May Flies banging against the sliding door! EEEEEEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW. So yuck.

Good bug news, though, our dragon flies are back! every year we get a swarm of dragon flies for a few weeks and they eat all the icky mosquitos and other yucky bugs. they are awesome to watch and seriously beautiful! We love to watch them and they let us get really close to them too, which is neat. some will let us pick them up and pet. They are so cool. I will try to remember to snap a few shots tomorrow while I am getting the maters in the ground.

We have been discussing the homeschooling of our girls lately as Grace is now 5 and kindergarten usually starts about then. We are not required in our state to report education until the age of 7, but grace has been being educated, well, her whole life, as has Zoe. Of course, we are unschoolers, so the world is our textbook and lesson planner, really. I am truly amazed at the things Grace picks up on and is actually learning. While she knows her alphabet and can read simple words, she knows it in her own order. I have discovered that while she doesn’t know the concept of math, she is counting and doing simple addition and subtraction. She is particularly fond of money and counting int hat fashion, which I think is fantastic! She earns money and spends or saves accordingly. She gets sad when she sees her stash shrink, but has gained the knowledge of how to get more money…chores. Work. Helping. Creating (see: http://forestfaeries.etsy.com) the kid is amazing. I cannot wait to see how Zoe blossoms and learns. I love watching them learn in their own ways, and ask questions that 5 year olds simply don’t ask in mainstream education.

another realization as of late is that no matter what Rob and I say or do, there are some people in our periphery who simply will never understand, respect or care for the decisions we make for our lives and the lives of our children. No amount of fact giving or educating will change it. No amount of proof and evidence will make them see that we aren’t wrong in a lot of areas, most areas, with regard to our girls. No amount of anything will show these people ( and I speak in general terms for those of you who read this and know what I speak of) that we really aren’t nuts and do what we feel is best for our family and would never do a single thing that would cause detriment to the health and wellbeing of our girls and the things we do are truly not to piss people off or buck tradition-it’s because we are not traditional as people in general. I pity those people. That is all I have to say about that realization. And with that realization, a little bit of my perpetual hopefulness that all people are good is whittled away a tish.

I am going to get going. It’s 11:30 and I suddenly feel like tea and cleaning.

nite nite. I will try to ge ton here more, dear readers, I promise.

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