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Snow is forecast for today, tonight, tomorrow and later this week. Four to six inches is expected tonight into tomorrow and we are under a winter weather advisory.

Today in the slow cooker, roast three rabbits and various veggies to feast on this evening.

It’s a good day to sit inside and knit. Mittens are progressing. Yule gifting is happening.


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April Friggen Fools

Right about 10 inches. Suck.

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Of Lions and Lambs

March 31 and snow. There’s not much to say about that. Better now than in May like last year. Still, *sigh*.

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From our Wood to you….go play with the Fae Folk today!

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I am short a few because I left the camera in the truck after my trip to the new crafters market in Pequot Lakes (overall disappointing) so they will come later after our trip to Castoffs (OH BLISS ANDJOY COME FROM THAT PLACE!)

So here they are:

asleep in the cuddle pit.

two outfits I made for sale. They are made with vintage and/or recycled fabric and plant dyed organic hemp linen. One for a boy, one for a girl, size 12-24 mos.


Farmer’s Market opening weekend. I didn’t have a canopy up that day.

backyard camping Memorial Day Weekend.

Bro-man and the babes.

Guess who went potty!?!?

1/2 of our Pileated pair.

me. planting potatos.

1/2 of the garden. The other half is on the otherside. At the bottom of the photo is grace’s little garden. Isn’t it cute!?

The peas! Almost about to flower!! YAY!

Some of the tomatos.

A little Witch welcome to the bird folk.

The toothy before. I will have the after later when we get back and I retrieve the camera fromt he truck.

Off to our aventures for the day! have fun!

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Grace has suddenly changed her mind abouther birthday party.

We are going to be indoors (forecasting bad weather for up here…) and she wants a gypsy birthday.

We are going to pull out all of my kid friendly belly dance stuff, shiney fabrics and pareos and decorating the livingroom like a vardo. I am going to set up a little table to do mock palm readings, crystal ball, tarot, etc. for fun, if I can make it over to park rapids before saturday I am going to get a kids henna kit, but I am at a loss as to what we should do for other activites….any ideas?


That is my fly by the seat of her pants Taurean girl for you….

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We are in another limbo state….we have started seeds soem things are planted but it is still a tish too cold for most things, so we wait…….I hate waiting.

 So I have been going nuts making candles and incense when I have not be forced on the couch. I hurt my ankle pretty terribly twice in about three weeks. I am an over achiever and I thought I was ready for a few things that I wasn’t. Oy.

I have also been steadily trying to get catch up on  laundry powder orders. I do better off of etsy than I do on, though I hae more than a number of trades and orders that I am working on as well. Its a fun hobby. I am also very amped to see other laundry soap sellers on etsy….might put a wad in someone’s panties, and I kinda love that….I am so not in this for the competition and it seems that that idea is lost on her, oh well….apparently wisdom doesn’t always go with age.

I brought the girls to the park yesterday….and then got a very stern, “HRRRRRMMMMMMM” grumble when Rob got home….I was suppose to be nursing my foot. Again, over achiever….I can’t just sit…not when the weather is nice and my kids want to play at the park and I have a jazzy cute new skirt that I felt inclined to make yesterday for Spring and Summer.

Cute Skirt and Summer Shoes

Here are the girls on the swings….Last Fall, Zoe was TERRIFIED of them. As you can see she has come around nicely.

We got a storm last night…the first of the season…and it caused some serious muddiness in the driveway….just when we had gotten past it. Rob got the Suburban stuck this morning….and I mean stuck! up to the bumper. If he lets me I will take pictures. We tried to get it out with the pick up, but that didn’t work so he called up his boss and is now in process of getting the wrecker out here to get it  out. The thing is, we dont own that part of our driveway, the guy that does just doesn’t give a care at all. He’s an ass all around, truly.

Gonna plant potatos this weekend. Yum.

Okay…off to tea and washing my hair. Have a good weekend, Dear Readers. It feels good to blog again…

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